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 <a href='http://mindseyeinternational.com/mei/mei-portfolio'>Read More</a></i> <i><p>Based on Guy Vanderhaeghe’s award winning novel, The Englishman’s Boy follows the story of a movie producer in 1920’s Hollywood trying to track down an elusive Western star for his next picture. Running parallel, the story of a 1873 drifter who joins a group of hunters on the trail of horse thieves, ending in a […]</p>
 <a href='http://mindseyeinternational.com/mei/portfolio/drama/the-englishmans-boy/'>Read More</a></i> <i><p>Friends Adrian and Dustin pack up and leave their ordinary lives behind them in pursuit of an adventure in a foreign land.  The inexperienced travelers trade their possessions for a raft and set out on an expedition down the Ganges river of India.  A journey originally expected to take them three-months, turns into a nine-month […]</p>
 <a href='http://mindseyeinternational.com/mei/portfolio/documentary/odyssey-on-the-ganges/'>Read More</a></i> <i><p>Tommy Douglas was one of history’s most interesting political leaders.  Set in the 1930’s depression era Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story is a David and Goliath like story about one man’s fight to introduce Medicare to an entire country, a subject still very relevant today.  Tommy Douglas remains a constant source of inspiration to […]</p>
 <a href='http://mindseyeinternational.com/mei/portfolio/drama/the-tommy-douglas-story/'>Read More</a></i>
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