Title: Culinary Stars
Format: (9 x 30′)
Genre: Cooking and Travel

This delectable series uncovers the hottest, most refined chefs in a tour of Europe and their extraordinary restaurants.

Culinary Stars of Europe offers a tasty series in which renowned European top chefs trade their sophisticated cooking ranges for a journey to the authentic culinary roots of their region. Each episode wets your appetite by featuring two local top chefs. One chef presents a classical kitchen where sophistication and tradition form the basic ingredients. The second chef presents a modern and contemporary cuisine style. To begin, Culinary Stars series captures chefs at work in their palaces of refined tastes: the kitchen in the hotel or restaurant where they have made their reputation. Additional interest from wine growers, farmers and breeders add a dash of folklore and a pinch of tourism to each culinary environment from the UK to Italy and great places in between.

Denmark – North Jutland
Italy – Tuscany
Belgium – Brussels
Malta & Gozo
France – Rhone-Alpes (Lyon)
The Netherlands – Overijssel ( Zwolle )
Switzerland : Saanenland ( Gstaad )
United Kingdom – Wales
Belgium – Oost-Vlaanderen ( Gent )