Title: Earth Detectives
Format: (1 x 60′)
Genre: Archeology and Paleontology

Earth Detectives: In Search of T. Rex

If Indiana Jones lived today he would be a palaeontologist. They are the modern day cowboys of science, seekers of lost worlds, conquerors of the unknown, hunters of terrifying mythical beasts. They bring to their work the investigative prowess of a great detective, the aesthetics and craft of an artist and the stamina of an athlete.

They are the dedicated men and women of science, well trained and disciplined, who work at their jobs in relative obscurity in the field as they carefully extract ancient fossilized bones from tons of rock and soil. Exactly what it is that they do and how they do it is somewhat of a mystery to the general public who find themselves torn between visions of Barney and Jurassic Park when it comes to understanding life on earth before man.

Earth Detectives: In Search of T. Rex is a one-hour documentary film that explores the world of palaeontologist Tim Tokaryk and his crew as they excavate and restore a near-complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, found in the region known as Dinosaur Alley in western Canada. The excavation may ultimately reveal one of the largest and the most complete T. Rex finds to date. This is a rare opportunity for the world to learn more about these dinosaurs and their world.