Title: My Global Adventure
Format: (26 x 30′)
Genre: Adventure and Travel

This reality adventure series, featuring a dynamic, independent young woman’s worldwide journey to 24 countries on six continents within eight months. The series follows the travels of Anastasia (“Asia”) Nelson, a twenty-something woman on the adventure of her life. Each episode she explores a new culture, far different from her own North American roots, and through her own words and actions, she communicates her thoughts, feelings and revelations of her personal experience.

As Asia becomes immersed in the exotic, primitive and awe-inspiring cultures of the world, she, like so many, tries to find her true self in what she sees and in what she partakes. On her journey, her destinations become the strings of experience, once woven together through insights and introspection will become a quilt of memories that will change her life forever.

What makes My Global Adventure unique is that it features a real person on a real life experience, engaging in the ultimate adventure of ’round the world travel, extreme physical challenges, as well as encountering cultural, historical and emotional events. An accompanying web cast and television crew, documented for internet and broadcast, captures each and every moment of Asia’s travel.