Title: Wild Lives
Format: (10 x 30′)
Genre: Nature and Wildlife

Wild Lives is the new 10 part series that takes a biographical look at the natural world. While staying vigorous in its scientific accuracy it becomes accessible to a larger audience by employing the lighter, more personal side often reserved for human biographies. The narrator, based on research and the advice of experts, delivers the story as much from the point of view of the subject as possible.

Each episode presents the story of an individual wild creature whose life story unfolds throughout the half-hour. It takes you through black and white stills from early in the subjects life; family photographs; visits to childhood homes (a nest, a hole in the ground, a clump of weeds); neighbors; a look at the hierarchy and politics of the home territory and a general analysis of what it all means.

Wild Lives has the distinct advantage of having subjects whose everyday lives involve extreme life and death hazards. To be born at all is an accomplishment, to live to maturity nearly a miracle, and the end is all too often a violent one. These are stories overflowing with conflict, danger and suspense complimented by exquisite footage delivering visual beauty.