Title: Decoy
Format: (1 x 90′)
Genre: Action Feature Film

An action adventure drama filmed in the wilderness is the setting for a deadly game of danger and deception when two highly-skilled ex-intelligence operatives are hired to protect the daughter of their former directing officer from a high-tech gang of mercenaries.

Peter Weller ( Robocop, Naked Lunch ) and Robert Patrick ( Terminator 2 :Judgment Day ) head the cast in Decoy, Charlotte Lewis ( The Golden Child ), Darlene Vogel ( Back to the Future 2 ), Peter Breck ( The Big Valley ) and Scott Hylands ( To Catch a Killer ).

The film is laced with unique special designs by Hollywood’s Superstar of Special Effects, three-time Academy Award winner Carlo Rambaldi, creator of characters and special effects in E.T. , Alien and King Kong.