Title: Murder Seen
Format: (1 x 90′)
Genre: Suspense Movie

When a beautiful university student is tormented by chilling visions of a mysterious abduction, she becomes a helpless victim’s only hope for survival in the psychological suspense thriller, Murder Scene, starring Callum Keith Rennie (Excess Baggage, Time Cop, eXistenZ) Nicole Eggert (TV’s Baywatch, Clueless) and Timothy Bottoms (Held for Ransom, Texasville, American Hero).

Late one night, Zoey Drayden (Eggert) receives a disturbing telephone call from a distressed woman pleading for help, but before Zoey can identify the caller, the line is abruptly disconnected. In the aftermath of the chilling call, Zoey begins to experience haunting visions of a young woman desperately fighting to escape and unknown danger.