Title: 2030CE (HD)
Format: (26 x 30′)
Audience: Teen
Genre: Live Action Drama

Welcome to the year 2030: Common Era (CE). Bright with possibility, it is a vibrant new world of employment, clean air and a revitalized emphasis on leisure and recreation. The ‘good life’ is available to all. What more could one want? Well…maybe to live longer. A virus called Progressive Aging Syndrome (PAS) is causing certain death by the age of 30. The result is a world where youth rule – as med school grads at 16, elders at 22, the driving age is 12! This brave new world has been reclaimed under the name Nexes, a collective formed by governments, business and the scientific community. 2030 CE centers on the idealistic Hart and best friend Robbie, his precocious sister Rome and Hart’s beautiful colleague, Jakki. When a Nexes genetic test ‘reveals’ a fatal weakness in Hart, his dream of becoming a doctor and finding a cure for PAS is ripped from him. Now, mysteriously reclassified as an Eco-Tech by Maxine Rich, head of Nexes security, his quest for answers leads him into uncharted terrain where hidden conspiracies abound and where the truth, when uncovered, is almost inconceivable.